Specializing in infant, kids, and tween clothes, Bow and Arrow Showroom has relocated and expanded into a new, larger showroom at the CMC. They represent around 14 brands including: Dreamspun, Elegant Baby, Gracious May, Joyfolie, Little Italy, Liv + Lily, Old Soles, Owls and Bats, Persnickety, Sado Inc, Sapling, Silkberry Baby, Stella Blu, and Tuc Tuc. If you're looking for "cool clothes for cool kids" you have come to the right place...

Rubber duckies, piggy banks, and personalized blankets. Founded in the 60's, Elegant Baby features a collection of baby products that are full of bold colors and impressive designs. 

Started in a basement in 2008, Gracious May has grown into a collection of footwear, dresses, skirts, hair accessories, and diaper bags. All items are proudly made in the US. 

Little Italy focuses on the softness quality and comfort that every baby needs. This is why each garment in made with 100% Pima Cotton. 

Unique, retro-inspired designs meet 100% certified organic cotton. Sapling baby wear is printed using organic vegetable dyes, free from toxic chemicals and heavy metals. 

Using materials such as organic rayon from bamboo and environmentally friendly silk, Silkberry Baby designs baby wear for the eco-conscious parent in mind. Their luxury eco bedding line is a must-have. 

Hippies, bikers, and rock 'n roll-ers are the inspiration behind Stella Blu's children's clothing line. The brand with "streetwear attitude" is meant to inspire kids' imagination. 

Based in La Rioja, Spain, Tuc Tuc is all about color. Every season, new, vibrant colors are created specifically for the brand creating a one-of-a-kind look.

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